{made} — rustic cable bobble bag

Knitted up this cute little bag the other day. Here are my notes on the pattern and process of making it…


Used two skeins of yarn doubled up, the pattern says to use two skeins but never specified it was doubled up, so started it with just one strand and it was really loose; had to restart with two and it’s much better. Guess I spaced out on that detail.

The bobbles are a little more difficult with the yarn doubled up, had to really concentrate on them and just take my time. Also, after the bubble is complete you have to push it through to the right side of the bag.

Another little thing that I found is the last stitch after you bind off for the handle is a knit stitch not a purl indicated on the chart… it ends up working out right the rest of the way, but the stitch that is left on the needle from binding off screws that up I think. Just continue working in the seed stitch and it’ll be fine.

I was concerned that the seed stitch on one of the side seam would look wrong since the last stitch and first stitch of the next row are the same (because of the even number of stitches in the pattern) but it wasn’t hardly noticeable when completed.

I did add a crocheted slip stitch edging around both the handle openings with one strand of yarn to sturdy them up and make them a little cleaner looking. This really helped in my opinion.

Make sure you are overly generous with the tail yarn from the cast on that is used to join the bottom of the bag. I left a little more than two yards and ran out with only 5 stitches to seam up… grr. But I did use a slightly larger crochet hook to do the seaming because I was having too much trouble trying to grab both strands of yarn with the smaller hook.

When binding off the top, I kept the seed stitch pattern going instead of just knitting it off.

Now I just need to sew up a cute pocket lining and it’ll be fully complete!

Cute pattern, glad I got it.
This pattern is available for $1.99 USD on Ravelry.

{photography: Jill Cannon}