{made} — sour apple milkweed shawl.

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew I had to make it. I purchased the pattern on raverly, started it with some multi-colored sock yarn I had actually dyed myself, but it wasn’t looking right. The color changes just weren’t how I envisioned it turning out, so I was on the hunt for a different yarn to use. This is sometimes tricky because I’m allergic to wool, which narrows the field a bit. Atlas, while home in Michigan for Thanksgiving, I found some linen based yarn to use in a bright sour apple green color. 

I casted on right away and it became my traveling project while flying over the holidays. I finished it shortly after Christmas, so just over a month on the needles. 

The linen is a tad slippery, so might keep my eye’s peeled for a fun shawl pin to hold it in place. But other than that, I am in love with it!

{made} — candy striper headband.

One of my great friends sister had brain surgery to remove a tumor and I heard she was worried about them cutting her hair… so this cute hot pink striped headband should work nicely to camouflage that.

Finished knitting the day of the surgery, which was halloween, weaved in all the ends and blocked it. I knitted to gauge and ended up with the dimensions the pattern called for (18 inches long) , but it didn’t fit around my head which is pretty petite… so I added 7 more rows at the decrease end (which made it a mirror of the increase end) and blocked it pretty heavily. My end length dimensions are 20 inches. It is still a little tight, but I’m hoping it’ll stretch out with use. 

The pattern can be purchased here.

Have to thank my husband who took a few pictures of me modeling the headband on his lunch break. We were goofing around and being silly which makes any photo shoot more fun! :)

Here’s to a healthy and fast recovery!

{made} — smoldering snow necklace.

This is my first go at this pattern to test it out, therefore used stuff I had around the house, stash yarn and some decretive polished rocks. Definitely improved my techniques with each stone I placed in it… was tricky at first to know how many increases to do and when to start the decreases, but I’ll for sure be making more.

The yarn is a rusty brick red and the rocks are snowy white. Total length is 31 inches.

{made} — octavio and violet. 

What a fun knit! I could make a zillion of these cute octopuses! Instead of buttons I used safety eyes since one was a present for a child. The eyes were pretty small so some white felt was hand sewn underneath. The crochet legs also worked up speedy quick. 

You could make your own little octopus, or ten! The pattern is available for free on ravelry.

{made} — splash of pink shawl.

As soon as I felt this yarn, Hand Maiden Sea Silk, I knew I had to treat myself and use it for a special project. It’s so soft and luxurious plus the colors are very rich. I found this shawl pattern on Ravelry, that is a free download, and thought it was a good match to this yarn.

I used smaller needles (size 6) since this yarn is fingering weight. I knew mine would come out smaller than the pattern size, but I intended on just wearing it like a scarf instead of a shawl. Wet blocking really opened the lace up, and surprisingly had a fun smell… because of the sea cell (sea weed) in the yarn it smelled a bit like the ocean when it was drying. I prefer that over wet wool smell any day. :)