{made} hint of lime pincushion.

I picked up this book, Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts - Lacy Crochet, and fell in love with pretty much every project in it; this is the first of many projects I’ll do. I expanded my small crochet hook collection, picked up some thread and dove right in.  

This dainty lace pincushion is so cute, coming in at only a 2.5” square, but so full of character. Decided to make it as a little cheer-me-up for my mother who is going through a lot in life right now. 

{made} — sea green scarf

I needed a simple pattern to work on while flying back to Michigan, this worked out perfect. I’ve been wanted to try this pattern out for some time now, one of the girls that works at my local yarn shop did a super cute one and ever since I saw hers I’ve wanted one of my own. 

I love this yarn, it’s pretty basic, but it really knits up nice. It has a good weight to it while still being delicate. I haven’t found it out here in LA yet, but the yarn shop back in Michigan carries it so I restock every time I’m home. Also had fun button hunting while there, found this sweet brass looking one that reminded me of vintage ceiling tiles. It is a little heavy for this lace, but I’ll make due because I like it too much.

Of course, as soon as I finished my scarf, it warmed up here in LA so I will have to wait a bit to enjoy it. 

{made} — red fire lace cowl

Made this crocheted lace cowl for a scarf swap at Wildfiber yarn store in Santa Monica this past week. This time around everyone swapping had to use the same brand of yarn to keep things on an even playing field. We used Madelinetosh Merino Light hand dyed yarn and it was amazing to work with. I even bought a few extra skeins to use for another project. Everyone picked their favorite color, it went into a stash and each person randomly picked a skein to make a scarf with. The lovely ladies at the store kept track of who had what color and all was revealed at the swap. I picked this bright red color because it’s out of my normal color palette so it was a nice change of pace to work with.

I followed the pattern except I doubled the width of the scarf to 10 inches, and made it into a nicely draped cowl instead of a scarf. We had to use the whole skien of yarn which was 440 yards, but since I made mine wider I was running dangerously low to compete a scarf long enough to wear. To finish the cowl off, I added a few rows of single crochet on the top and bottom with a picot edging.

All the scarfs turned out fabulous, I’ll take some pictures of the one I received and post them soon! 

This pattern is available for free on ravelry, if you have an account.

{made} — lace necklace

My first true lace project. Definitely found following the chart was easier than the written instructions which surprised me because I usually get lost in a chart, but these instructions were just too intense.

I couldn’t find a 1.5mm crochet hook so used the closest size I could find which was a 1.25mm which means mine is about an inch smaller than the pattern suggested, but I like it smaller. It still dips pretty low and it looks best when it’s not laying over a shirt.

Used a copper color crochet thread and silver metal beads for the accents.
It was a challenging pattern, worked only on the right side. That meant binding off after each row, and way too many ends to weave in afterwards! Weaving in ends is not my favorite part of a project, but this turned out so fun it was well worth all the frustration. 

The pattern can be found in the May/June 2010 issue of Crochet Today!