{made} — for the horde! baby bib

Our friends are expecting a little girl so I wanted to make them something special. They are nerds like us and play World of Warcraft so this cute red bib will start the baby off right on the horde side :)

The pattern was super easy to follow and can be found online for free here.

knitting - nemesis

This knitting project turned out to be more epic than I could have ever imagined. I started this hat pattern about five months ago before I moved out to LA. It was going smoothly until - half asleep on a plane - I screwed up the pattern. I failed to see the small side note saying one of the rows on the chart had an adjustment. Overlooking this little detail lead to the hat being off by a stitch and therefore ruined. Usually I can take out a few rows and fix a mistake, but on this pattern there were way too many “knit two together”, “slip slip knit” and “yarn overs” to ever recover from this oversight. I had to tear it out.

I picked it back up and started over again after I moved out here. After making it passed the bump in the pattern that occurred the first time, I screwed up again while watching a movie. Apparently I have to focus 100% on reading patterns. This time I was able to rip it out only to the ribbing, get all the stitches back on the needles and start up again. I probably should have known that the smoke coming out of my ears from frustration would lead to another mistake but I so badly wanted to get this hat done I pushed on. Leading to a mess up on the first row. In anger I ripped it out totally again, threw it in my bag and tossed it in the closet.

It sat there for quite a few weeks, I cooled off, and decided to pick it back up again when we flew back to Michigan for a quick weekend trip. I can never sleep on planes anyway so thought this would be the perfect time to give it one more chance. By this time I have the pattern so memorized that it is almost comical that I made so many mistakes before; it was so obvious where the stitches fell.

After the two flights I was just reaching the crown of the hat and quickly finished it up when I arrived home. It was off the needles, it was done, there were no mistakes… and it was small, very small. But, the pattern said blocking was necessary to stretch out the lace. So, I block the hat, pin it all up, let it dry and go to put it on my head – Big. The rim stretched out so far that it sits like a bowl on top of my head. Sigh.

Now I have to see what I can do about reshaping it or just find someone it fits and gift it to them, but it does look nice.

[220|365y2] nemesis.

Pattern: Marigold by Spindlicity

{photography: Jill Jeziorski}